Bear Cove Resources (BCR) is a family owned and operated business in rural South Shore Nova Scotia. The founder, R. J. (Robert, Bob) Iuliucci, moved from San Diego, California to East Berlin, Nova Scotia in 1973. While in California Bob developed an interest in organic gardening and, in particular, the use of seaweeds in agriculture after attending an evening short – course at the University of California given by biochemist Dr. Bargyla Rateaver. Dr. Rateaver discussed the many trace minerals available in marine algae that are not supplied by other fertilizer sources. Topics extended to the virtue of returning organic material from sea to land, reversing in a small way some of the erosion damage caused by poor farming practices that wash fertile nutrient-rich topsoil into brooks and rivers and out to sea.

Robert’s location along the exposed eastern headland of Liverpool Bay was excellent for the collection of beach wrack, seaweeds stranded along the shoreline. This wrack traditionally had been collected by gardeners and farmers for use in their gardens and fields, not just in Nova Scotia but in coastal areas worldwide. In 1973, when he arrived in Nova Scotia, he joined about a dozen other local gardeners actively collecting beach wrack for agricultural use. This number dwindled until by 1993 he was one of few left taking advantage of this coastal natural resource.

In 1993, Bob, who had operated a geotechnical services consulting business under his own name since 1979, formed Bear Cove Resources. In response to a request for proposals from the Canada/Nova Scotia Agreement on Sustainable Economic Development he submitted a successful proposal for a “Demonstration Project to produce a composted seaweed fertilizer/soil amendment from stranded seaweeds.” With financial assistance from the Cooperation Agreement and business management and marketing assistance from his wife, Elizabeth Hartt, the production of a composted seaweed product was launched. Storm-cast entered the Nova Scotia marketplace in spring 1994. With assistance from Elizabeth and his two children, Rosalynn and Joseph, the production of Storm-cast has continued as a sideline to BCR’s main business of geotechnical services.

Bear Cove Resources’ Storm-cast production operates with three permits from the Province of Nova Scotia. The ‘Permit to Remove Material from Beaches and ‘Vehicle Beach Permit’ are issued by the N.S. Dept. of Natural Resources and carry strict regulations as to the location, time, and quantity of material to be removed and the types and operating condition of the vehicles used. A ‘Permit to Operate a Compost Facility’ which sets parameters for the operation of a commercial compost facility is issued by the N.S. Dept. Of Environment.