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Winter collection of stranded marine vegetation is over for the 2018 season. Bob has been mixing piles in the seawrack yard and processing for market. With spring deliveries and frequent bagging sessions, the stock of bags rises and lowers at a great rate.

Between the harvest, the wood and the other seasonal preparations, BearCoveBob continually adds Storm-Cast inventory. Orders are coming in as market dates slowly gather. Now is the perfect time to be included in our 2018 – 19 production.

We have been busy at events since February and are working on setting up the rest of our 2018 excursions.  In the meantime, if you are interested in Storm-Cast, please use the contact form below, or reach us directly at:

Bear Cove Resources
142 East Berlin Rd.


Bear Cove Bob and the Gang,

It’s our 25th year!